Us vs. Them

It's all well and good to say Electro Delytes are amazing (we are, by the way). But what happens when we face the competition mano-a-mano? Here's how we stack up against those other bars, gels and candies.

    Electro Delytes Clif SHOT Bloks e-Gel GU Energy Gel Gummies Licorice
Electrolytes* Sodium x x x x x x x x x x
  Potassium x x x x x x x    
  Magnesium tauranate x x x x          
Amino acids Tyrosine x          
  Glysine x          
  Histidine     x x    
  Leucine     x x    
  Isoleucine     x x    
  Valine     x x    
Citrates Calcium citrate x          
Vitamins B6 x   x      
  C x          
  A     x x    
Calories   110 (per package; each package holds two 55-calorie bars) 100 150 100 100 100
Carb sources**   Simple Complex Complex Complex Simple Simple
Caffeine***         x+    
Fat/oil     x   x++ x  
Taste****   Yum! Yuck Yuck Yuck Eh Eh
* Get the right balance
Electro Delytes were designed give you balanced electrolyte replacement and help prevent muscle cramps. What's more, our sodium and potassium levels were crafted to meet the American College of Sports Medicine's recommendation for electrolyte replacement during intense athletic activity. We're cool like that.
** Keep it simple, sillypants
Simple carbs are less likely to upset your stomach and are absorbed more quickly—to give you energy right when you need it—than complex carbs.
*** Don't let caffeine dry you out
Not only can caffeine give you ugly caffeine highs and post-caffeine crashes, it can act as a diuretic and help dehydrate you.
**** At least in our opinions
Taste comparison is based on the unscientific opinions of Electro Delytes staff, friends and random strangers we've shared with on the bus. But try for yourself and see if you disagree.
+ Some, but not all, GU products have caffeine.
++ Some, but not all, GU products have fat.
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