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What makes Electro Delytes citrus bars so darn good? Try these facts on for size.

Each Electro Delytes bar is . . . And that means . . .
Packed with electrolytes—including magnesium, sodium and potassium Electro Delytes help you:
  • Replace what your body loses during exercise—whether you're doing a triathlon or dancing on your couch to music videos
  • Prevent painful muscle cramps—whether they happen during exercise or while you sleep
  • Revitalize your body and mind—whether you're hitting the wall during a marathon or nodding off in a morning meeting
  • Recover from excess—whether you sucked down too many mojitos or stayed awake all night cramming for exams
Composed of simple carbs Electro Delytes give you energy without being hard on your stomach—whether you're in a race or recovering from a nasty bout of flu.
All-natural No nasty chemicals, baby.
Caffeine-free No ugly caffeine high or post-caffeine crash—not to mention none of the dehydration than can come with caffeine.
Gluten-free Your gluten allergies won't getcha.
Vegan and Kosher DE No kittens, fluffy bunnies, moo cows or other animals were harmed—or even used—to make Electro Delytes.
Just 55 calories You can quickly fuel your body and indulge your taste buds without the guilt of high-calorie candies and bars.
Based on a traditional Turkish Delight candy recipe They're delicious—with a refreshing citrus taste and a texture you have to put on your tongue to believe.

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